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Meet James Curtis Davis, J.D.

CEO/President, Trainer and Consultant  

Having effective leadership can be difficult, but with the proper training and experience anything is possible! Join me on the journey of bringing out the best of what lies within.


It is my mission to enhance the mindset of leaders through interactive training. You will be able to see the results of a structured leadership foundation with a brand new perspective!

I am passionate about giving our leaders the essential tools they need to take your organization to YOUR desired level of performance, achievement and accountability.

Impact is everything! Check out the list of our clients.

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Start your jounrey

Start Your Journey

Interactive Training Services (ITS) provides:


  • Skills enhancement courses for businesses, government organizations, non-profit entities and faith based organizations. 

  •  Customized training and learner-centered courses designed for senior executives, managers and supervisors.

  • Achieve a comprehensive understanding of personality types and cognitive styles by booking a Myers-Briggs Session.

Courses are designed to cover 21st century issues facing the workplace :

  • Essentials of Leadership

  • Team Building Skills

  • Generational Differences

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication Skills

  • Change and Stress Management

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Prevention of Workplace Harassment

  • Supervisory Training for executives, managers, supervisors and employees

"The major strength of the 'EEO for Managers' course was  James Davis' presentation of materials. He has very good side explanations and examples, moves quickly and keeps our interest up. His humor kept us awake"..

GSA, Fort Worth, TX


"This training was very clear and useful info for me and my supervisors at our multi-state facilities. I have already seen evidence of application one-two weeks after training. It Works!"

J. C. Creekmur

James is experienced, intelligent, motivated, and highly respected. He brings an abundance of knowledge to the field of training and facilitation services. He has established an outstanding rapport with his colleagues, as well as those he instructs. Those attending his trainings will definitely not be disappointed.

Anne Marie SanGiovanni

I have had the good fortune to work with James administratively and have seen him facilitate workshops. James is great to work with on an administrative basis, reliable, dependable and professional. As a facilitator James is very knowledgeable, energetic and has a genuine caring style for his participants. He is a pleasure to work with and observe.

Craig Coble

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